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Small business server 2003 by CBT Nuggets

Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business
Includes 31 Videos

Trainer: James I. Conrad (Trainer Comments)
Running Time: 18 Hours

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) is Microsoft's server solution-in-a-box for small businesses.
This small business edition of Windows Server 2003 is designed to meet most small- to medium-sized
business computing needs including centralized file storage, e-mail, databases, resource sharing,
web site hosting, network security, and more.

This training series teaches SBS inside and out, walking you through how to set up and run the features it offers.
The training is focused on helping two groups of people use SBS successfully:

1. Small business owners can save money on consulting fees by deploying SBS on your own,
using your current computer knowledge plus the training in this series.
2. IT pros and consultants can gain marketable skills using SBS to solve small business
networking needs, plus gain credibility by earning Microsoft's SBS credential.

Here is what you'll learn how to do with SBS:

* Understand computer networking well enough to support a small Windows SBS network.
* Design SBS solution based on business needs, pain points, and current computing resources.
* Install SBS 2003 on a new server - or upgrade to SBS 2003 from previous Windows server editions.
* Give access to network resources based on user accounts, computer workstations, and user groups.
* Protect network resources by setting security permission at the levels you choose.
* Automate network configuration with DHCP, making administration easy and reducing the chance
of human error.
* Administer your DNS server - understand why DNS is important and how to setup a DNS server in SBS that interacts with Active Directory.
* Setup e-mail for everyone in your business by installing and configuring Microsoft Exchange e-mail server
- plus apply four important fixes immediately after installation to prevent otherwise certain headaches down the road.
* Create a remote web workplace using SBS - give secure access to the company intranet webpage, access e-mail
from off-site through Outlook web access, and offer remote access to network resources.
* Share documents and other files easily and cleanly using Windows SharePoint Services.
* Connect securely to your office computer from off-site using Remote Desktop and Terminal Services, plus give
and receive off-site help using Remote Assistance.
* Store information including customer contact lists, inventory, and nearly anything else using SQL Server
- plus learn how to back it up so you don't lose these records.
* Configure FTP and web servers with SBS, plus send and receive faxes from your computer.
* Protect yourself from disasters and set yourself up to recover easily using RAID, backup, and volume shadowing technologies.
* Share resources including both printers and files.
* Apply Group Policy to create a more secure, reliable network by controlling security settings and other
computer behavior.
* Secure your network using the firewall and other features in Microsoft's ISA Server.
* Monitor and analyze the performance of your network using the Monitoring Configuration Wizard.
* Quickly and easily install applications to computers on your network using Group Policy Objects.
* Troubleshoot network connections within the business as well as to the internet service provider.
* Keep your computers more secure and at their best performance by regularly updating the operating system.
* Meet changing business needs by integrating additional servers into your network.

On-the-job skills for Small Business Server plus exam prep for MCP, MCSE

Exam-Pack 70-282 - Small Business Server 2003 goes in detail with all this information and more,
teaching you how to design, deploy, and manage a SBS solution that meets the networking needs
of small- and medium-sized businesses. In addition to giving you real-world skills and strategies
for using SBS, it maps to exam objectives for Microsoft exam 70-282 for Small Business Server 2003.
Passing this exam earns you Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status plus gives you elective credit
toward Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification on Windows Server 2003.


Experience with the Microsoft Windows operating system is recommended before viewing these videos.
For in-depth instruction on using Microsoft Windows, check out Exam-Pack 70-270: Windows XP.

Exam-Pack 70-282 - Small Business Server 2003 contains:

- Small Business Server Series Intro (free video!)
- Overview of SBS 2003 Features
- Needs Analysis: Business and Environment
- Needs Analysis: Hardware, Fault Tolerance, OS, Software
- Needs Analysis: Third Party Apps, Utilities
- Installing SBS 2003
- Upgrading and Migrating to SBS 2003
- Active Directory Fundamentals
- Configuring User and Computer Accounts
- Configuring Group Accounts and Security Permissions
- Networking Fundamentals: Hardware, Topology, and SNMP
- Networking Fundamentals: TCP/IP Configuration, Troubleshooting, and ISP Connections
- Configuring DHCP
- DNS Fundamentals and Configuration: Part 1
- DNS Fundamentals and Configuration: Part 2
- Messaging: Exchange
- Remote Web Workplace and Remote Access
- Outlook Web Access
- Sharepoint
- Remote Assistance, Remote Desktop, Terminal Services
- SQL Server
- FTP, Web Site Hosting, Fax
- RAID, Backup, and Volume Shadow Copy
- Resource Sharing: Data, Printers, Scanners
- Group Policy Using GPMC
- Network Security: ISA and Firewalls
- Analysis and Monitoring Using the SBS Management Console
- Software Installation, Network Connectivity
- Windows Software Update Services (SUS)
- Adding Member Servers, Migrating Applications, Migrating to Windows Server 2003
- What's New in SBS 2003 R2


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