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Trainsignal Intro to Windows Server 2008

Installing Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory

Server Edition Check
Installation Procedure
Initial Configuration of Windows Server 2008
Adding Active Directory to Windows Server 2008
Promotion of a Windows 2008 server to a Domain Controller

Active Directory Users and Groups in Windows Server 2008

Active Directory Review - What's New in 2008
Windows Server 2008 - Server Manager
Active Directory Auditing
Renaming the Administrator Account
Creating Users
Creating Groups
Adding Users to Groups
Event Viewer in Server 2008

Windows Server Core and DHCP Servers

What is Server Core?
What can Server Core do? Server Core Roles
How to Set the Admin Password in Server Core
Rename the Computer in Server Core
Join a Domain in Server Core
DHCP Role Installation
Critical Commands to know for Server Core
Set Up the Windows Firewall on Server 2008
Install RSAT
Create an MMC to Connect to Windows Server Core

Windows Server 2008 File and Print Servers

What's New with File and Print Server
Install File Server Roles in Windows Server 2008
Create a Namespace
Setup Up Replication (DFS)
Add a Print Server to Windows Server 2008
Add a Network Printer
Print Management Console
Deployed Printers

Windows Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controllers

What's a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
Advantages of Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC)
Steps to Deploy a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
RODC Role Installation
Password Replication
Pre-Populate a Password

IIS 7 Web Servers

New Features in IIS 7
Role Installation
Selection of Modules
IIS Manager
Speed Up Your Index Page Load
Where to Put Your Files
Browse Your Site

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services

Terminal Services New Features
Remote Application
Installing a Terminal Server
Configuring RemoteApp

Windows Deployment Services

Quick Intro to Imaging
Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Configuration Procedure
Installation of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Role
Image Locations
Boot Image Import
Create Capture Boot Image
Create an Image Group
Add Install Images
Capture an Image
Deploy from Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Windows Server 2008 MCITP Certification Info

Upgrade Certifications
Features in Extended Server 2008

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