Thursday, June 26, 2008

TrainSignal Small Business server 2003

As important as a good business model, the technology that helps you execute your Small Business's goals can mean the difference from making money and having to close shop. Small Business Server 2003 R2 is a inexpensive package provided by Microsoft to help small and medium businesses increase productivity, organization, and have a complete network solution in one affordable package. As an owner of a small business we know you wear many hats; jobs can include operations manager, accountant, IT person and much more. Our SBS 2003 training was developed with both the small business owner and SBS 2003 consultant in mind. Jon Hassell, provides you training that starts from the ground up and delivers enough information that you will have the knowledge to implement Email via Exchange Server, Databases via SQL Server, share files and information with Sharepoint Server and more. Small Business Server 2003 truly is an all in one package.

Package Contents

- Learn Small Business server 2003 by watching it configured on a Live Network!
- 10+ hours of Instructor Led Video Training covering
both Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 and 2003 R2 editions of Small Business Server
- 75 Practice Exam Questions
- 70-282 Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized
Business Exam Coverage
- Small Business Server 2003 Lab Book that will walk you through setting up SBS 2003
step by step with screenshots and assistance from the beginning to completion.

Here are just SOME of the Topics we Cover in our SBS 2003 R2 Training Videos:

- Find out what it takes to plan out a Small Business Server deployment.
- Know how to install, apply updates, and select software during the SBS installation process.
- Get familiar with the SBS "To-Do" list and know how to setup users, add workstations, encrypt file system and much more.
- Know how to add users and groups to your SBS network. Learn how the user templates are applied as well as create roaming profiles.
- Find out how to create login scripts and how to put them into play.
- Learn about important differences between share and file level security.
- Know how to install software on select group of SBS clients using Group Policy. Also find out what the following terms mean: Group Policy, GPO, Container, Computer configuration, User configuration, Inheritance.
- Understand the necessity of SharePoint Services, what web-based collaboration can do for your company, as well as how to integrate these features into your company Intranet.
- Know how to configure Exchange in SBS, set up a distribution list, create additional mailboxes, set up public folders and finally, how to connect Outlook to Exchange via RPC over HTTP.
- Find out what SQL Server is, how to setup a database, and how to establish a backup regime for the SQL data.
- Know firewall concepts such as inspection, filtering, and NAT. Know how to install and configure ISA to securely talk to the mail filter as well as how to use the monitoring functions to diagnose three simple but common problems: Filter set up wrong, ping attack, no web browsing ability internally.
- Learn how security works, how it's a process not a result, and what SPAM, spyware, hacking, and phishing is.
- Know how to set up WSUS for the first time at the service console and how to configure client machines into computer groups.
- Find out about new health monitoring features in SBS R2, including the green check of health and reports on health of the server.

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