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CBT Nuggets CISA Certification Package

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Code: Information Systems Auditor from ISACA
$499.00 - Includes 19 Videos

Is your organization's critical information protected? ...Really?
Without comprehensive security plans, policies, and procedures, your organization's information security could be missing something. And that's all it takes for the worst to happen.
As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), you'll perform a business-critical function -- assess your organization's IT and business systems to ensure they are monitored, controlled, and protected.
These are valuable skills... and CISA is a valuable certification
There is rapidly growing demand for skilled CISAs.
CISA is on the level of CISSP and CCIE in prestige and in the way it distinguishes you from your peers. It's globally recognized within the IT industry and beyond. It's used by the US Department of Defense and others as a minimum requirement for many high-end security positions. And studies have found that just having the CISA credential can increase your salary.*
Gain knowledge in 6 critical Information Security areas

Instructor Michael Shannon walks you through the 6 major knowledge areas every CISA must be proficient in:

Area 1: The Information System Audit Process
Area 2: Information Technology Governance
Area 3: Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management
Area 4: IT Service Delivery and support
Area 5: Protection of Information Assets
Area 6: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

These are the building blocks to a successful career as a top-notch information security professional.Here's what you'll learn in each video of the CISA Certification Package:

Video 1 - "Introduction to CISA" - Why should you become a CISA? In this first nugget you'll discover why CISA is a valuable certification. You'll also learn about the six core CISA knowledge areas. And you'll get a few helpful tips for success on the CISA path.

Video 2 - "The IS Audit Process (part 1)" - Before digging deep into information technology auditing, you need to cover the basics. Learn what your responsibilities are as an auditor of information systems. Explore the IT auditing process, risk analysis, and the importance of internal controls.

Video 3 - "The IS Audit Process (part 2)" - This nugget investigates audit classifications as well as phases of the auditing process. Learn to apply the risk-based audit methodology, including what qualifies as evidence. Also, explore how to apply Computer Assisted Audit Technique (CAAT) and the Control Self-Assessment (CSA) framework and techniques.

Video 4 - "Information Technology Governance (part 1)" - Define corporate and IT governance, including what governance practices and procedures are critical to the auditing process. Discover the realm of Information Security (IS) governance, as well as IS strategy.

Video 5 - "Information Technology Governance (part 2)" - In this second nugget on IT governance you'll learn what goes into IT policies and the IS Policy document. You'll also discover what risk management processes and risk analysis methods can be applied.

Video 6 - "Information Technology Governance (part 3)" - This last nugget on IT governance explores a few more vital aspects of governance -- personnel management, insourcing, outsourcing, organizational change management, IS quality management, and performance management.

Video 7 - "Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 1)" - Four key areas of systems and infrastructure life cycle management are explored in this nugget. These areas are project management structure, practical project management, business application development, and the software development process.

Video 8 - "Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 2)" - This nugget continues the flow from part 1, looking at waterfall application development as an alternative method of life cycle management. Then you'll learn about infrastructure development and acquisition, IS maintenance methods, tools and aids you can use, and finally about techniques you can use for improving the audit process.

Video 9 - "Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 3)" - In part 3 of systems and infrastructure life cycle management you will learn about application controls and auditing application controls. You will also learn about developing, acquiring and maintaining business application systems.

Video 10 - "IT Service Delivery and Support (part 1)" - This first of three movies on IT service delivery and support explores the ISO/OSI model with a story called "The Fellowship of the Token Ring."

Video 11 - "IT Service Delivery and Support (part 2)" - In part 2 of this section, you learn all about IS operation and hardware, plus hardware management, IS architecture, and the types of IS software available.

Video 12 - "IT Service Delivery and Support (part 3)" - The third and last nugget on IT service delivery and support investigates different network infrastructure taxonomies. We apply the OSI model to LANs, WANs, and VPNs, as well as looking at the difference between wired and wireless VPNs.

Video 13 - "Protection of Information Assets (part 1)" - What are the key elements, roles, and responsibilities of the IS auditor in protecting information assets? Learn these, plus the importance of classifying information assets. Also, learn about assigning system access permissions, Mandatory Access Controls (MACs) and Discretionary Access Controls (DACs), what the IS auditor's role is in maintaining privacy, and finally, how to deal with external parties such as service providers, vendors, contractors, and customers.

Video 14 - "Protection of Information Assets (part 2)" - This nugget teaches you about logical access control vulnerabilities and access paths. Learn about identification and authentication mechanisms, as well as authorization. You'll wrap up the nugget by exploring how auditors deal with the storage, retrieval, transport, and disposal of data.

Video 15 - "Protection of Information Assets (part 3)" - In this nugget, you'll cover the general topics of LAN security, client-server security, wireless security, and internet security.

Video 16 - "Protection of Information Assets (part 4)" - Dive into encryption! Learn about encryption mechanisms plus issues with communications through voice over IP and PBX networks.

Video 17 - "Protection of Information Assets (part 5)" - This final nugget on protection of information assets explores auditing IS management framework, auditing infrastructure security, physical access controls, and environmental controls.

Video 18 - "Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 1)" - You can do a lot to prepare but what do you do when disaster strikes? Learn critical concepts surrounding disaster recovery and business continuity. This includes the business continuity planning (BCP) process, doing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and recovery strategies.

Video 19 - "Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 2)" - This final nugget in both the topic and series continues where the previous nugget left off. You'll learn how to organize and assign responsibilities dealing with business continuity, deal with the separate BCP components, and finally perform an audit on disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

A basic understanding of computer networks, such as Network+ certification or equivalent knowledge is the prerequisite for this training.The CISA Certification Package contains:

- Introduction to CISA (free video!)
- The IS Audit Process (part 1)
- The IS Audit Process (part 2)
- Information Technology Governance (part 1)
- Information Technology Governance (part 2)
- Information Technology Governance (part 3)
- Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 1)
- Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 2)
- Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management (part 3)
- IT Service Delivery and Support (part 1)
- IT Service Delivery and Support (part 2)
- IT Service Delivery and Support (part 3)
- Protection of Information Assets (part 1)
- Protection of Information Assets (part 2)
- Protection of Information Assets (part 3)
- Protection of Information Assets (part 4)
- Protection of Information Assets (part 5)
- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 1)
- Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (part 2)

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