Saturday, July 26, 2008

CBT Nuggets IT Infrastructure Library

CBT Nuggets IT Infrastructure Library | 160 MB

For IT departments to run well there are processes that need to happen. In a small IT department, each person takes on many -- if not all -- of the processes and manages them individually. But in a big department, the processes need to be shared among job roles, standardized, and managed for maximum efficiency. That's what IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM) are all about -- managing the processes within an IT department to make the department run well and to make sure resources are available as needed. This certification and skill set are valuable to medium and large companies because it helps them get the most of their IT investment - both in the technology and in the people.

Here are some of the benefits companies have experienced when they implemented ITIL:

Greater uptime of critical systems and business processes
Increased customer and client satisfaction due to increased availability of resources
Reduced technology and personnel cost to accomplish IT-related business goals
Easier communication due to use of a common language and framework
Increased efficiency of processes through continuous optimization

Gaining this skill set makes you prime material for managing your entire IT department. You will know how to look at IT services and processes from the 30,000 foot view. With these skills you can optimize your organization's IT processes and ensure service and resource ability -- providing your organization cost savings and other benefits that make you worth more to the organization.



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