Thursday, July 3, 2008

Windows 2003 Clustering CBT

Windows 2003 Clustering CBT

Cluster Management Presentations
Cluster Technologies Overview
Installing Clusters
New Features: Cluster Configuration Wizard
Cluster Service
Account Password
Support Cluster
WMI Provider
Presentation Lab
Cluster Automation Server Presentation Lab
Autoconfiguring Applications in a Cluster
Cluster Backup and Restore
Cluster Internals Failure Detection
Cluster Database Management
Registry Checkpointing
Regroup and Arbitration process Raj Das
Changes to the Network Name Resource in Server 2003
Building Highly Available Applications
Using SDK and MSDN
Writing Cluster-Aware Applications
Cluster API
Writing Cluster Resource Type DLLs, Part 1
Presentation Lab
Writing Cluster Resource Type DLLs, Part 2
Presentation Lab
Generic Script Resource Type
Managed Code and Clustering
Writing Resource Types in Managed Code
Debugging Cluster Resource Type DLLs
Presentation Lab
Writing Cluster Administrator Extension DLLs
Testing and Support
Cluster Qualification Program
Testing MSCS
Product Support Services

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