Thursday, August 28, 2008

Danware NetOp Remote Control v9.10.2008197

NetOp Remote Control is the latest version of our remote control software. It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of corporate business, and is packed with numerous features to help IT professionals get the most out of remote control technology. The NetOp Remote Control software is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration and in helpdesk environments.

NetOp Remote Control 9.0:
NetOp Remote Control version 9.0 in general contains all functions and platforms support available in NetOp Remote Control version 8.0. Here below are the new features in headlines, grouped by function:

* Smart Card authentication - a Smart Card and a Smart Card reader at the Windows Guest is used in order for the Host to be able to authenticate the identity of the Guest user by communication with a Windows 2000/2003 Server with Microsoft CA installed or by communicating with a NetOp Security Server which in turn communicates with the CA.
* Password - the maximum password length has been extended to 64 bytes.
* Disconnect password - to prevent the Windows Guest user closing the session.
* Switch to window mode password - prevents the Windows Guest user from leaving full screen mode.
* Active Directory - computer support for new host object type for authorization in Security Server.
* Confirm Access - new flexible options in the Windows Host to adjust Confirm Access.

Session Types
* Video Chat - The Audio Chat session has been extended to allow a Windows Guest connecting to a Windows Host to use attached web cams to transmit own live video to the Host and receive the live video stream from the Host.
* Monitor Mode - allows a Windows Guest to cycle between Hosts with a fixed interval for e.g. surveillance of desktop activity.

* Snapshot - allows a Windows guest to save the current Host desktop image as a file.
* Service Ticket - now supported in Windows Host for supplying a one-off ticket number to the helpdesk.
* Scheduled cleanup - enables the Security Server to delete "Active Session" entries older than a predefined number of hours with balancing of the NetOp Log.
* Phonebook files - are now saved in XML format in order to ease interaction with other applications.
* Auto Take Control - makes it possible for a Guest user to quickly gain mouse and keyboard control from another Guest just by clicking the mouse or use the keyboard.
* Automatic reconnect - enables the Windows Guest to attempt to reconnect to the Host in case of disconnect.
* Connection attempts - the Windows Guest can control the number of retries used to connect.
* Hide Guest icon - for use in third party products the Windows Guest application and notification area icon can be hidden.

* Enhanced MSI support
o One MSI package per module.
o Optional setup program to install multiple modules and to install Windows Installer if not present.
o Editor to create transform files for customized installation.
o Supports Microsoft Active Directory deployment.
o NetOp Deployment Utility now supports NetOp MSI file deployment.

NetOp Deployment Utility
* Support for new predefined MSI/MST files.


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