Friday, September 12, 2008

Keyboard shortcut tips in MS Outlook

Keyboard shortcut tips in MS Outlook

1. To show the menu to download pictures, change automatic download settings, or add a sender to the Safe Senders List, press CTRL+SHIFT+W.

2. To switch the Navigation Pane on and off, press ALT+F1.

3. To display the Advanced Find dialog box, press CTRL+SHIFT+F.

4. The fastest way to compose a new message is to press CTRL+SHIFT+M.

5. Need to jot a quick note? Press CTRL+SHIFT+N.

6. To create a new contact, press CTRL+SHIFT+C.

7. To go to Mail view, press CTRL+1.

8. To go to Calendar view, press CTRL+2.

9. To go to Contacts view, press CTRL+3.

10. To go to the Tasks list, press CTRL+4.

11. To go to Notes view, press CTRL+5.

12. To reply to the current e-mail message, press CTRL+R.

13. To forward the current e-mail message, press CTRL+F.

14. To delete the current e-mail message, press CTRL+D.

15. To quickly record selected items in the Journal, press CTRL+J.

16. To quickly remove formatting from selected text, press CTRL+SPACEBAR.

17. To reply to everyone who received the selected message, press CTRL+SHIFT+R.

18. To select several adjacent items, click the first item, and then hold down SHIFT and click the last item.

19. To select several nonadjacent items, click the first item and then hold down CTRL and click each additional item.

20. To select all the items in a folder, click one of the items and press CTRL+A.
21. To send an open message, press ALT+S.

22. To quickly check spelling in an open item, press F7.

23. To select the next or previous item on the timeline in Journal, even if it isn't visible, press the LEFT ARROW key or RIGHT ARROW key.

24. To quickly switch to your Inbox, press CTRL+SHIFT+I.

25. To quickly switch to your Outbox, press CTRL+SHIFT+O.

26. When viewing an open item, you can move to the next item or previous item by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+> or CTRL+SHIFT+<.

27. To quickly switch to viewing by weeks in Calendar, click in Calendar and then press ALT+HYPHEN.

28. To quickly mark a message as read, press CTRL+Q.

29. To quickly move between the schedule area and TaskPad view in Calendar, press CTRL+TAB.

30. To quickly create a new item of the same type as the folder you are in, press CTRL+N. For example, CTRL+N creates a new message in the Inbox or a new task in Tasks.

31. To quickly create a new Journal entry, press CTRL+SHIFT+J.

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