Friday, September 19, 2008

Server Support Interview Questions-Part-2

1) How to enable telnet in Windows ?
2) What are the different types of Terminal Services ?
3) What is the diff between Application mode and Administration mode ?
4) What is Licensing in Terminal Services?
5) What is FSMO roles and explain ?
6) I have a Global Catalog server in Server1, and want to make the same server as a Infrasture Master. Can i go ahead with that ? Explain.
7) How to publish a web site in IIS?
8) How to deploy a patches to the systems ?
9) What are the tools available for Patch Deployments ?
10) Difference between Differential and Incremental Backup ?
11) What is DHCP Option, Server Options?
12) How to take backup in Group Policy?
13) Which component is used for replication between the sites?
14) How to take the backup DHCP data while DHCP SERVER is running?
15) What is new features in Windows 2003 DNS?
16) What are new ADS features in 2003 ?
17) You are having high configuration server SERVER1 and additional domain controller with less configuration serv2, serv3. When the 1000 users login into their computer, all login traffic goes to serv2 and serv3. so the server serv2 and serv3 get hung. How do you redirect the logon traffic to SERVER1?
18) What is the procedure to restore the data in ADS?
19) What is the use of ntdsutil command ?
20) Which command helps to find the server for FSMO roles ?
21) What are the protocol supports for Replication ?
22) What is the expantion of .Dit ? Scalable size of NTDS in 2k3?
23) What are the partitions available in AD?
24) What are the two types of replications?
25) What is KCC ? What is the function of the KCC?
26) What are the two trust protocols 2k3 using ?
27) What are the trust relations available in 2k3?
28)What are the protocols used on replication?
29) What is the default time delay on replication?
30) What Different tables available in NTDS database?
31) Where is the FRS logs stored in and what is the database engine name?
32) What is tombstone object in AD? What is it’s life time?
33) What are the functions of GC?
34) What is Global catalog and GC server?
35) What are the domain functional levels in 2k3?
36) What is the hierarchy of applying Gpo in 2k3?

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