Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to get someones IP-address

How do you get his IP? I'll tell you.
Using MSN:
The easiest way is to download MSN Messenger Plus and install the script Check IP that could be found everywhere on the net. is the website for downloading MSN mgr Plus. Peoples IPs will popup when logged in.
If your victims doesn't appear you can just ask him to recieve a file and it will popup. Doesn't matter what you send. But there must be an estabilished connection between your and his computer. That only happens when sending files. That's because all chats go trough Microsoft's servers.

If you don't have the script you can open Command Prompt and just write "netstat -a" and press Enter to see all the current established connections. This must be done WHILE sending (or recieving) a file.
Using DC++:
Download the victims filelist and scroll to the right to see the IP adresse in the download field. If you're OP/Owner then you just write "!ui nickname"
If victim is hosting server/wesite:
Go to Command Prompt and write "nslookup". Replace the adresse with the victims and Command Prompt will show its IP to you. Easy as that.
Getting IPs from another sources:
All that's recuired is an established connection and you can get victims IP using NetLimiter. This Program can be downloaded from

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