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Tracking Emails


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What is it and how does it work? What is
MailTracking? MailTracking is the most powerful and reliable email
tracking service that exists today. In short - MailTracking tells you
when email you sent gets read / re-opened / forwarded and so much more

How do I send a tracked email? There are two ways you can send tracked emails:
Simply add: to the end of your recipients email address (they won't see this)
Install our ActiveTracker plugin to add the tracking for you.

If you send tracked emails to yourself, your anti-spam filters may
block them (people don't usually write to themselves) - so we recommend
you test by sending to other people. What will you tell me about the
tracked emails I send? MailTracking will endeavour to provide the
following in your tracking reports:

Date and time opened
Location of recipient (per their ISP city /town)
Map of location (available on paid subscriptions)
Recipients IP address
Apparent email address of opening (if available)
Referrer details (ie; if accessed via web mail etc)
URL clicks
How long the email was read for
How many times your email was opened
If your email was forwarded, or opened on a different computer
messages sent via MailTracking benefit from our SPF compliant and
Sender-ID compliant mail servers. This confirms safe transmission of
your messages, and also enables us to report delivery status to you
(including: bounce-backs, delays and success notifications). Delivery
information is listed in your Personal Tracking Page. Note: does not use or contain any sp*y-ware, ma*l-ware, nor
vi*rues, it is not ill*egal to use, and does not breach any pri*vacy
reg*ulations in any countries. What else does MailTracking do? There
are lots of great features available to you - these include the
following sending options:

Certified email
Ensured-Receipts and retractable emails
Invisible tracking
Self-Destructing emails
Block printing
Block forwarding
Adobe Acrobat PDF Document Tracking
Secure Encypted emails
Track MS Word or Excel documents

You can also choose how to receive your receipts:
In your Personal Tracking Page (when you log in)
Email ReadNotifications
Legal Proof-of-Opening receipts
Delivery Service Notifications (DSN's)
SMS alert on your cell-phone or pager
Instant Messenger
options are available to you from "My Account" in Member Utilities.
Getting started MailTracking offers a lot of features and sending
options, but it is very easy to use our service. On start up, your
account is already configured per our 'Recommended' tracking defaults -
and we will automatically send you email ReadNotifications when your
tracked emails are opened. If you'd like to take us for a 'test drive',
please sign up for no-obligation free trial from the 

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