Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decreasing Boot Time in XP

Microsoft has made a program called BootVis to analyze and decrease the boot time in Windows XP. It is a small software that you need to Download and install, also its a freeware. After downloading and installing, start it. (Can be found in the Start Menu).After you start BootVis click on Trace menu and then click Next Boot + Driver Delays, click on OK in the next dialog box and then Reboot. Wait for the system to reboot, after rebooting BootVis will automatically start (you will have to wait for some time for it to start automatically).

After the BootVis is automatically started click on Trace menu and then Optimize System, this will again ask for the system reboot, allow it to reboot. At the next reboot, your system will be optimized, wait for the confirmation. Later when you start computer, you can notice a difference (decrease) in the boot time.

Note: You must be having administrative right to do this.
         It is recommended to Turn off or Disable your Antivirus.
         Save all your work and close all the programs before working on BootVis.

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