Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Disk Usage Analyzer…

Over the span of time many computer users download numerous files onto their computer and never take the time time to organize or manage those files. I have seen users keep files (documents, pics, movies, etc…) on their computers for the life of the computer and never remove them. Many times, the majority of those files become obsolete, serve no purpose to the user, and take up disk space. It is recommended that you make file management part of your routine disk maintenance on your PC and perform file management tasks (i.e. delete files, move files, etc.) prior to performing your clean disk and defrag routines. Get organized with managing your files and folders and you will not regret it. One very important point I want to make is; know what files on your PC you are messing with so as not to affect the operation of the computer.

To assist you with determining what files and folders on your PC  are consuming the most space, I recommend using the program “Free Disk Usage Analyzer” .  This program is one of the nicest (in appearance) I have seen for graphically showing the status of your disks, folders and files.  The program has the ability to show the file contents (in order of size), the largest files (in a folder or on a drive), and the largest folders (on the disk). When you first run the program, it will scan all of your drives (internal and external drives).  I was quite surprised that it scanned all of my drives (4 total) in less than a minute.  The nice thing about this program, that other “FREE” programs comparable to this lack, is there are buttons on the menu to empty the recycle bin, perform a disk cleanup and to initiate the add/remove programs component in Windows.
To get this program, click on the screenshot or any of the links below.

Free Disk Usage Analyzer

The easiest tool for quickly finding large files
and optimizing disk usage.

Disk Usage Analyzer helps you organize your files and manage disk space by locating the largest files on your disk. You can quickly find where are your largest files, such as videos, photos and archives, and move them elsewhere, possibly to a backup drive. You may also decide to simply delete unneeded files. Disk Analyzer is fast and easy to use, summarizing your disk usage in a friendly format with visual graphs. Disk Analyzer is integrated with Windows so that you can view, open or delete files in the same way as in Windows Explorer.
Free Disk Analyzer

Disk Analyzer helps you keep your disk drives uncluttered, which can also result in faster computer performance.


Finds largest files within selected drive or folder
Finds largest folders by folder size, average file size, or number of files
Presents information visually via graphs
Looks and feels like part of Windows
Provides sorting functionality by displayed columns
Safe product, not an adware, spyware or malware

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