Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to use hard disc system from another computer? - Step 1

As we know , we can not carry a disk system XP from one machine to another unless the two chipsets motherboards will be identical. More to be more clear, unless the trademark of both disk controllers for both cards will be identical.
If you exchange the disc from your PC to another disk from another machine, Windows will not start, it will start and after a few seconds, the system will display a blue screen and restart.
It is a protection introduced by Microsoft from version 5.1 of Windows NT, ie Windows XP. Before, it was feasible and without coercion.
But if you are really in need to carry a disk system XP from one machine to another, here's a little trick that will be very useful.
If you are really intended to carry your hard drive, including your operating system Windows XP on another machine, a number of solutions for you:
  1. Find a machine with the same brand as your chipset,
  2. Repair to use Windows driver disk drive of the motherboard target (next tutorial)
    Next tutorial: How to fix Windows simply but effectively?
  3. Use a pilot universal use on all brands of motherboards without distinction.
    We will opt for the third option. With this method, Windows XP will ignore the mark of the controller and it will use a generic driver, standard. You can therefore carry your hard drive, including your operating system on any computer supporting Windows XP.
Now enter the heart of the matter,
Our goal is to change the pilot of the hard disk controller before removing the hard drive from your system in order to do this, follow these steps:
  1. Entering the Device Manager.
    Plusieurs solutions s'offre à vous mais nous n'allons vous donner que deux les plus utilisés:
    1. Several options available to you but we will give you the two most common ones:
      right click

    2. Click on the "Start" button then "settings" then "Control Panel"
      Pannéau de configuration
      Double click on system
  2. In the System Properties, click on "hardware" and then on device managers

  3. Unroll the group Device "Controllers ATA / ATAPI IDE" by clicking on the + sign next to it
  4. Click right mouse on one hard drive controllers in this group
  5. Click on "Property"

  1. We are now going to change the pilot of the disk controller, arrived in this window, if you click Yes, Windows will seek a better driver for your software on the Windows Update site, which is not our case here, our goal is to change the pilot in a pilot generic standard, already present in all Windows, then check "No, not this time"
    Then click Next.

  2. Windows offers automatically pick the best driver for you, choose "Install from a list ..."

  3. Again, as before, choose "Do not search. I will choose the driver to install."

  4. It's almost finished.
    Arriving here, do not forget to check "Display compatible hardware"
    Select "Controller IDE hard disk / ESDI Standard"
    We will use a standard driver compatible with all existing disk controllers. That way, Windows will think that our chipset motherboard is equivalent to any other motherboard, then we can carry our hard disk containing the Windows XP operating system without mishap.
    Click Next.

  5. That done, you just have to click on "Finish".
    Repeat steps 5 through 10 for all devices in the group "Controller ATA / ATAPI IDE" ..
    You can reboot your machine once all actions completed.

Now, you are free to move your hard drive system on any other machine.
Note:Sorry for the system in French, I will change it into English later.

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