Friday, January 9, 2009

Remove Warning Pop Up – Your Computer Might Be At Risk

One of our reader asked us about a warning pop up he see on windows startup and he gets very annoyed by that pop which started appearing from the time he upgraded to service pack 2.
As per the reader every time he starts his compute, he see the pop up saying – Your Computer Might be at risk – Antivirus software might not be installed.
This security pop usually appears in windows when you don’t have anti virus installed on yourcomputer or you may have not configured the same in security center in Windows XP with service pack 2.
This could be quite annoying when you are seeing the same pop up again and again even when you have a proper anti virus installed on your computer.
Let’s see how can you disable this security center pop in Windows XP

Follow the procedure to remove the security center pop up.
1. Open Control Panel and double click the Security Icon
2. On the left tab you will see resources, find "Change the way Security Center alerts me"
3. Under Alert Settings – Uncheck the Check box which says Virus Protection and click OK
This will suppress the warning at startup. But we recommend to suppress this warning only when you have a reliable antivirus software installed

Thanks: Rohit

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