Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows XP Secrets: Discover 3 Hidden Desktops

Anyone, who likes to multitask, will tell you that Virtual Desktops are a great way to increase productivity. Ability to make most out of monitor real state and ability to switch between desktops with touch of a button  is priceless. This is one of the reasons why geek’s love Linux. In almost all distributions of Linux, these days, you get at least 4 desktops. Each of them have their own background and taskbar.  Now you can unlock this feature in Windows..
4 Virtual Desktops for XP
Microsoft, finally, heard the pleas of windows lovers and released a 554 Kb utility that lets you unlock up to 4 extra desktops. Its called DeskMan.exe and you can download easily from Microsoft Downloads Website.
XpPower Toys page clipping
The Utility comes with a nice toolbar that integrates seamlessly into your taskbar and looks like this on my Windows XP.
virtual desktop toolbar
You can also setup shortcuts for switching between desktops. I really like that feature. Right clicking on any of the buttons brings up some options to set different backgrounds for each desktop, or to assign shortcut keys for easy access.

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