Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hosting with Webhostinggeeks.com

There have been lots of web hosting companies online - each claiming to the best; and some are even claiming to be carbon neutral and use equipments and resources that are green and kind to the environment. But how would you tell which of these companies actually save you money and provide good hosting and excellent customer service? Wouldn't it be nice if you could compare ranking and rating of all these companies?

Webhostinggeeks to the rescue. With their easy to follow ranking and rating site, its a breeze to see how all these hosting companies fare. Here's how it works: the hosting companies are displayed on a table each with its ranking, the features you get, costs, bonus features and finally a link to reviews written by users like yourself.

On the left hand section of the site is a long list of all the various hosting plans available from hosting on Windows to using Java and PHP hosting on Unix, VPS to dedicated hosting. It also shows you where to look for free hosting and free domain names. This is especially good if you are using certain TLD names or don't want to spend alot on hosting services.

So, if you're looking to save time searching around for web hosting plans, or save money on your current hosting, why delay, give these guys a visit for a complete list of top hosting and domain registrars all in one simple and easy comparison and ranking site.

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