Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phone-007-call conference

Purplegoods.com is an online store specializing in web connected devices. The flagship product is Phone-007, a very special telephone with built-in recording function, which allows user to record phone conversation and ambient sound in Phone-007 system.

Phone-007 looks and works like an ordinary phone, but it can record every call made on the phone without user knowing it. It can also records ambient sound such as funny noise or conversation near the phone. The recording will start when ambient sound volume above threshold level set by user. The ambient sound can be recorded no matter the phone is in use or not.

Once a recording starts, user will get notified immediately by email, text message, or phone call based on user’s setting. While the recording is in progress, user can listen in by either picking up the notification phone call and eavesdropping right away, or calling local Phone-007 access number from any phone. In addition to eavesdropping in real time, user can login to my.PurpleGoods.com to hear all the prior recording sessions through browser.

Phone-007 service uses state of the art technologies to keep user’s recordings and personal information safe. Calls and recordings are encrypted before being transmitted over the Internet. Phone-007's network is monitored 24x7 to make sure the service is always up and running and user’s data is secure at all time. To ensure highest level security, users will be authenticated, each time before accessing the service, by entering login ID and pin code information.

my.PurpleGoods.com web portal provides an easy-to-use interface to manage all of Phone-007 services from web browser. The user can also call local Phone-007 access number from any phone to manage various user options through touch tone keypad.

People uses Phone-007 for a variety of occasions where voice recording is desired, such as catching cheating spouse, monitoring employee, parent control, elderly care many other audio surveillance, baby monitor, and applications.

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