Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SoliCall-personalized algorithms for audio improvement

SoliCall has developed a patent-pending personalized algorithms for audio improvement. company specializes in noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies. They offer a unique voice pass filter that can be integrated in any phone system and in any voice call. With SoliCall’s software solutions you can easily improve voice quality in cell phones, headsets and other end units or utilize it in the center (e.g. Gateways, PBXs and Conference Bridges)

SoliCall's Add-on for SoftPhones works with any SoftPhone and is currently
free for private use. This product is compatible for Windows users and has
the following features: control over the filtering of the incoming audio;
live graphs of the audio (before & after filtering); recording options (in
WAV or in MP3 format).

SoliCall offers a free SoftPhone Add-On for private users
(Download -

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