Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cisco Introduces Four New Career Certifications

Cisco Introduces Four New Career Certifications
CCNP Wireless, Cisco Certified Architect, and two New Data Center Unified Computing Specialist Certifications Announced at this Week's Cisco Live!

In response to the growing demand for IT professionals who can design, manage, and maintain converged technologies across global network infrastructures, Cisco announced the release of four new certifications at the Cisco Live! show, held this week in San Francisco, CA.

Cisco Certified Architect, CCNP Wireless, and two new Cisco Datacenter Unified Computing Specialists reinforce Cisco’s commitment developing state of the art, technology driven, role based certifications that meet the demands of today’s network professional.

  • Cisco Certified Architect (Available January, 2010) Cisco Certified Architect is the pinnacle for individuals wishing to establish formal validation of both design and IT skills in Cisco technologies and infrastructure.
  • CCNP Wireless (Available July 24th, 2009) CCNP Wireless recognizes the expertise and technical acumen of wireless professionals who support and manage Cisco wireless LANs and networks.
  • DC Unified Computing Design Specialist, DC Unified Computing Support Specialist(Available Late, 2009) The Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist and the Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist validate a data center computing professional's knowledge, expertise, and ability to run mission-critical computer operations.

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