Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Microsoft has made available for download what it is referring to as a complete overhaul of the previous version of the tool designed to allow protocol analysis on captured network traffic. Network Monitor 3.3 is also tailored to the next iteration of the Windows operating system. According to the Redmond company, both WWAN (mobile broadband) and Tunnel traffic can be captured by the tool on Windows 7. At the same time, the latest version of NetMon is set up to deliver Hyper-V support on Windows Server 2008.
“The Microsoft Network monitor team is excited to announce the release of Network Monitor 3.3. A record 7 months after version 3.2 this is our quickest release ever, but also one of our most functionality-rich. We have added some innovative features that will simplify your network troubleshooting needs. As always, we have also continued to fix bugs and improve the product in those little but important ways,” revealed Tawanda Sibanda, lead program manager for Network Monitor.
In addition to Windows 7 and Hyper-V support, Network Monitor 3.3 brings to the table a variety of new capabilities and features including: Right-click-add-to-alias, Right-click-go-to-definition, Autoscroll, Core Parser Set, ETL Support, Frame Commenting, and Experts. “Network Monitor 3.3 will also be offered as an optional feature package in the next few weeks via Microsoft Update if you have a previous version of Network Monitor 3.x installed. To check for updates, click on Help>Check for Updates from the product menu (versions 3.1 and higher) or visit the site,” Sibanda added.
ETL Support is also related to Windows 7. This because, with the latest version of Network Monitor available, the tool can now handle information in ETL files generated by Windows 7 Network Tracing. Still, according to Sibanda, the heavyweights out of the new features are Frame Commenting and Experts. “Frame Commenting lets you attach comments to frames in a saved capture file,” Sibanda explained. “Experts are stand-alone applications that analyze Network Monitor capture data.” Network Monitor 3.3 is available for download here.

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