Monday, August 24, 2009

Dell BIOS POST error code list

 Dell uses motherboards and BIOSs from several manufacturers, their computers use a variety of power on self test (POST) error messages. Instead of listing each model's error messages, this list provides links to the support pages of popular Dell workstations and servers. If you don't see a particular Dell machine listed here, check Dell's support Web site . Send us a link to the machine’s POST codes via the mail-to link on the last page of this document.

Model BIOS POST error codes (copy link and paste in new window)
Dimension Vxxx and Vxxxc
Dimension 900
Dimension 2100
Dimension 2200
Dimension 2300
Dimension 2300c
Dimension 2350
Dimension 3000
Dimension 4100
Dimension 4200
Dimension 4300
Dimension 4300s
Dimension 4400
Dimension 4500
Dimension 4500c
Dimension 4500s
Dimension 4550
Dimension 4590T
Dimension 4600
Dimension 4600c
Dimension 4700
Dimension 8100
Dimension 8200
Dimension 8250
Dimension 8300
Dimension 8400
Dimension C
Dimension L
Dimension Lxxxc
Dimension P133a, P166a, M166a, M200a, and M233a
Dimension P133v, P166v and P200v
Dimension XPS
Dimension XPS B series
Dimension XPS Txxx and Txxxr
OptiPlex 160L
OptiPlex 170L
OptiPlex GC
OptiPlex Gn and Gn+
OptiPlex GX1 Small Form Factor
OptiPlex GX50
OptiPlex GX100
OptiPlex GX110
OptiPlex GX115
OptiPlex GX200
OptiPlex GX240
OptiPlex GX260
OptiPlex GX270
OptiPlex GX280
OptiPlex GX300
OptiPlex GX400
OptiPlex GXa
OptiPlex GXi
OptiPlex GXpro
OptiPlex L60
OptiPlex N
OptiPlex SX260
OptiPlex SX270
OptiPlex SX280
OptiPlex XMT575, 590, 5100, 5120, and 5133
PowerEdge 300
PowerEdge 350
PowerEdge 770N
PowerEdge 2500 and 2500SC
PowerEdge 2600
PowerEdge 2650
PowerEdge 1600SC
PowerEdge 4400
PowerEdge 6400
PowerEdge 6650
PowerEdge 6660
PowerEdge 7150
PowerEdge 7250
PowerEdge 8450
PowerVault 735N
PowerVault 750N
PowerVault 755N
PowerVault 775N
Precision Workstation 220
Precision Workstation 330
Precision Workstation 340
Precision Workstation 400
Precision Workstation 420
Precision Workstation 470 and 670
Precision Workstation 530
Precision Workstation 620
Precision Workstation 730
SmartStep 150D

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