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HP (servers and workstation )BIOS POST error code list and downloads

Hewlett-Packard (HP) uses motherboards and BIOSs from several manufacturers, their computers use a variety of power on self test (POST) error messages. Instead of listing each model's error messages, this list provides links to the support pages of popular HP workstations and servers. If you don't see a particular HP machine listed here, check HP's Web site . Send us a link to the machine’s POST codes via the mail-to link on the last page of this document.
Note: Hewlett-Packard and Compaq merged in 2002 and the new company dropped the Compaq name from all but a few consumer product lines--such as Presario desktops and notebooks. This table lists only HP-branded systems.

Model    BIOS POST error codes      
Carrier Grade Server cc2300      
Carrier Grade Server cc3310      
e-PC c10/s10      
Integrity cx2600      
Integrity rx1600      
Integrity rx2600      
Integrity rx4640      
Kayak XM600      
Kayak XU800      
NetServer E200      
NetServer E800      
NetServer LC2      
NetServer LC3      
NetServer LC2000      
NetServer LD Pro      
NetServer LH3, LH3r, and LPr      
NetServer LH4      
NetServer LH3000 and 3000r      
NetServer LH6000      
NetServer LH6000r      
NetServer LP1000r      
NetServer LP2000r      
NetServer LT6000r      
NetServer LXR8500      
NetServer LXR Pro8      
Pavilion Desktops with Phoenix BIOS      
Pavilion 5010, 5030, and 5040      
Proliant Series Servers      
Pavilion 7xxx (7010, 7020, 7030, 7050, and possibly others)      
Server tc2100      
Server tc2110      
Server tc3100      
Server tc4100      
Vectra PCs with Phoenix BIOS      
Vectra VE 5/xxx Series 4      
Vectra XA5      
Vectra XA 5/XXX      
Vectra XE310      
Workstation xw3100      
Workstation xw4000      
Workstation xw5000      
Workstation xw6000      
Workstation xw8000      
Workstation zx6000   

HP BIOS POST error code list

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