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Know to Install Snow Leopard (10A432) on PC Hackintosh

Snow Leopard is released and all the Hackintosheers are waiting eagerly to run the latest version of Mac OS X 10.6 on their PC a.k.a Hack Pro. This guide is for those who already have a running OSX86. This guide is possible due to following persons in no order

leoCheater (For his thread on InfiniteMac), PCWiZ & Hara Taiki (For Awesome Tools), OSX86 Island (For breaking the first install build 10A261),Netkas (No need to Introduction), Chameleon Team (For a great Boot-Loader),TeknoJunkies (For such a great guide) and all the OSX86 community without whom it’s not possible.

In the following tutorial we used Snow Leopard build 10A432 GM release (now confirmed that retail disc is build 10A432). Snow Leopard needs a Leopard Install so we need to two hard disk one with Leopard already installed and second hard disk for Snow Leopard. Also you need to download some files needed during the installation so download the files given below. We’ll update these files regularly when the new updates will available.

Phase One

Step One). Connect both of your Hard Disk one is blank and one is pre loaded with Leopard (10.5.X) already. Boot in to Leopard and launch Disk Utility to partition your second hard-disk with GUID partition scheme. Name the partition what ever you want in this tutorial we assumed Snow.

Make sure that the new volume’s root directory is owned by the root user, just perform the following commands in terminal.
sudo –s

chown 0:0 /Volumes/Snow

Step Two). Mount the Snow Leopard DMG File, an installer window will appear here click on the free space anywhere in windows then press CMD + Shift + G . A little window will appear in the top of existing window in this little window type “Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/” without quotes as given in image below and press Go.

Step Three). In the next window find the OSInstall.mpkg and double click this package file to start your Snow leopard Installation.

Note : Default OSInstall.mpkg works for GUID partitioned drive only, if you need to install on MBR then google for Modified OSInstall.mpkg for MBR, download modified one and replace with default one.

Step Four). Follow the On Screen instruction and in Destination Select Choose the Snow Partition which you created on a separate blank hard disk.

Step Five). In customization remove the unnecessary languages and Printers. Sit back and have a cup of coffee installation will take 15-25 minutes depending on your hardware. Once Installation finishes don’t reboot and follow the instruction care fully in phase 2.


Phase Two

In the second phase we’ll install Bootloader, some must required Kexts, System Files and Patching the DSDT.

Step One). Open the Chameleon Bootloader Zip you downloaded earlier and install the Chameleon-2-1.0-r431.pkg and then install the Chameleon v2 Snow Leopard Support.pkg (If Snow Support Package Shows an Error Then Follow Step Two) . Make sure to install the both Chameleon packages to Snow Drive (Where you Installed the Snow Leopard). You can change the install location at the third option while Installation in both packages.

( If Chameleon 2.0 + EFI 10 gives you Kernel Panics then reinstall and try Chameleon 1.0 + EFI 10)

Step Two). If you are using PCEFI bootloader on your existing system then Chameleon v2 Snow Leopard Support.pkg will not work for you. In that case you have two options either install the Chameleon-2-1.0-r431.pkg over your current 10.5.X Installation then reboot and do the process again (from Phase One). Or launch the “ShowAllFiles” (included in Tools) and click Show. Then Navigate to the root of your “Snow” Drive and delete the “boot” file you see. and replace it with the boot file included with Chameleon Download (you downloaded earlier). After replacing the boot file again launch the “ShowAllFiles” and click Hide.

Step Three). Now patch your DSDT, launch the DSDT Patcher (Included in Tools) and select Darwin/Mac OS X in Operating System, Select DSDT Patch in options and before hitting the Run DSDT Patcher button make sure to change the destination as Snow Drive (Where you Installed the Snow Leopard).

Step Four). Now put all the “kext file” you downloaded earlier and you can also add yours if you needed into /Snow/Extra/Extensions, and copy the Extensions folder in Extra to the desktop, and drag it over “Kext Utility” which you downloaded. Kext utility will repair your permission and generate a new Extension.mkext. Move that Extensions folder and the extension.mkext back to /Snow/Extra

Step Five). Now launch EFiStudio and look for your Video Card through the drop down menu. Click add device and you will see some alphanumeric numbers, copy these numbers. Add the following code to your in /Snow/Extra.

Graphics Mode



Alphanumeric code you generated with EFiStudio

Save and Exit…
Step Six). Final Step put the SMBios.plist into /Snow/Extra.

Step Seven). Must for those who added any driver kext to Snow/System/Library/Extension, This step will rebuild the Extensions.mkext cache while booted in Snow Leopard. Reboot and go to Single User mode by typing this flag.

-x32 –s

When you are in the console, type the following command

/sbin/fsck -fy
/sbin/mnt -uw /
kextcache -v 1 -t -m /System/Library/Caches/ /System/Library/Extensions/

Disclaimer : All the instruction and Files are correct in my information. Use this guide on your own risk, we are not responsible for any kind of damage (If Any). Use this guide for experimental purposes only if you likes the Mac then buy a new one

It takes days and hours of me to make this guide as easiest and advanced for you, In cash-back i need only a Digg to the story. So guys go ahead and add your count at the top right hand of the corner where the post starts….


Trouble Shooting


For those who are getting Kernel Panics try to boot in 32 bit Mode + Safe mode using following Boot flag.

-x32 –v –x -f

For complete list of Boot & ACPI Flags Check HERE.
Also check our previous article on How to Read, Understand and Solve Kernel Panic Screen
A must read fo clearing most of your doubt Basics of OSX86 for Noobs.
Some Quick fixes are if you are stuck on Waiting for DSMOS then simply delete the DSMOS kext in Snow/Extra/Extensions but make sure you must have FakeSMC kext.
If you are stuck on RTL8169E error then Disable Hardware LAN in your BIOS and boot again. We are collecting and making a list of Snow leopard supported drivers so stick with us.
If you have an IDE drive or your laptop contains IDE drive then Install AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext by Netkas to make your ATA/IDE work in Snow Leopard. This kext is useful for ICH6/7/8/9/10 with ahci disabled and for lappies too. This kext also helps IOATAFamily related error causing Kernel Panic.
We’ll Update this page time to time with the latest information so stick with us and keep playing with your selection of kexts.

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