Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Know To Configure Autoreply to messages in exchange 2007

It's in two parts, from server side (Exchange 2007 HUB Role) and from outlook side

A- From server Side:
Exchange 2007 by default will block autoreplies and auto forward messages, hence we need to configure this to allow this-like messages
1- open EMC and go to organization configuration
2- navigate to Hub transport and remote domains tab
3- click properties of the remote domains and go to Message format tab
4- check the check box there that allow auto reply (and auto forward if needed) and OK

1- Open Outlook.
2- Click Tools, and click Rules and Alerts.
3- Click New Rule, select "Start from a blank rule", select "Check messages when they arrive" and click Next.
4 - Select "Send only to me" and click Next.
5- Select "have server reply using a specific message".
6- In the bottom box, click "a specific message", enter the Subject and body for the autoreply message and click "Save and close".

Now test it by sending a message to the configured account and you will get an autoreply

Thanks To: drkernel

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