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Search Your Files Faster with Windows 7

Windows 7 uses Windows Desktop Search 4.0 that is built to find your files. The Windows Search applying Advanced Query Search AQS can narrow your searches using a variety of keywords, or search parameters, which can restrict your query to specific locations, specific file types or properties within those types, or specific “file kinds.” File kinds are displayed at the top of the Windows Search Explorer, accessible by pressing the Windows Logo key + F.
Here is a  overview of syntax that can be used with Windows Search 4.0, Windows Vista, or Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for Windows XP, including the properties that can be added to your search terms to narrow and refine your results.


You can use the familiar ? and * wildcard characters in queries.
Wildcard Example Description
? M?crosoft Matches one arbitrary character.
* M*soft, Micro* Matches any number of characters.

Search syntax

Property Example Function

author:name author:patrick Finds items with patrick in the author property.

author:(name) author:(patrick hines) Finds items with patrick in the Author property.

author:(name OR name) author:(patrick OR bob) Finds items with patrick or bob in the Author property.

author:name name author:patrick bob Finds items with patrick in the Author property and bob anywhere in the document.

from:name from:patrick Finds items with patrick in either fromName OR fromAddress, since “from” is a property name for both fromName and fromAddress.

before:date before:10/9/2007 Finds items whose PrimaryDate field contains a date before 10/9/2007.

after:date after:10/9/2007 Finds items whose PrimaryDate field contains a date after 10/9/2007.

has:attachment report has:attachment Finds items containing the word report that have attachments. Same as hasattachment:true

is:attachment report is:attachment Finds items that have attachments containing the word report. Same as isattachment:true

Numbers and ranges
To specify a date range, type the property followed by two dates. For example, type from:david sent:11/05/06..11/05/07. Windows Search recognizes all Windows date formats and also recognizes the following values:
  • Relative dates: Today, tomorrow, yesterday
  • Multi-word relative dates: week, next month, last week, past month, or coming year. The values can also be entered contracted, as follows: thisweek, nextmonth, lastweek, pastmonth, comingyear.
  • Days: Sunday, Monday … Saturday
  • Months: January, February … December
Size and date ranges

Syntax Results

size:>50KB <70KB Searches for files with a value in the Size between50 KB and 70 KB, excluding the end values.

size:>=50KB <=70KB Searches for files with a value in the Size property between 50 KB and 70 KB, including the end values.

size:50KB..70KB Same as size:>=50KB <=70KB

date:>2/7/05<2/10/05 Searches for a date in the Date property between the values 2/7/05 and 2/10/05, excluding the end dates.

date:>=2/7/05<=2/10/05 Searches for a date in the Date property between the values 2/7/05 and 2/10/05, including the end dates.

date:2/7/05 .. 2/10/05 Same as date:>=2/7/05<=2/10/05

Note: on Windows Vista and higher, search syntax supports dates in the user’s current calendar. A query can use any of the formats defined in their Regional Options.
Common file properties
The terms listed in the preceding table can be used with any of the following file properties. For example, to find e-mail from “patrick” that was sent in 2008, your query would look like this: kind:email author:patrick after:12/31/2007.

To restrict by file type Use Example

Communications communications kind:communications

Contacts contacts

E-mail email kind:email

Instant Messenger conversations im kind:im

Meetings meetings kind:meetings

Tasks tasks kind:tasks

Notes notes kind:notes

Documents docs kind:docs

Music music

Pictures pics

Videos videos kind:videos

Folders folders kind:folders

Folder name foldername foldername:mydocs

Programs programs kind:programs

Recorded TV tv kind:tv

Link link kind:link

Journal entry journal kind:journal

Properties for file type: All

Property Use Example

Title title, subject, about title:manager

Status status status:active

Date date date:lastweek

Date modified datemodified, modified modified:lastweek

Importance importance, priority importance:high

Size size size:>50MB

Deleted deleted,isdeleted isdeleted:true

Is attachment isattachment isattachment:false

To to, toname to:johnsmith

Cc cc, ccname cc:david

Company company company:adventure-works

Category category category:business

Keywords keywords keywords:sports

Album album album:greatest

File name filename, file filename:2006hits

Genre genre genre:jazz

Author author, by author:david

Folder folder, under, path folder:adminstration

Ext ext, fileext ext:.rtf

Tags tag, keyword tag:personal

Type type type:image

Comments comments comments:excellent

Last saved by lastsavedby lastsavedby:josh

Document manager documentmanager documentmanager:jonas

Revision number revisionnumber revisionnumber:4a

Date last printed datelastprinted datelastprinted:yesterday

Slide count slides slides:>20

Properties for file type: Music

Property Use Example

Bit rate bitrate bitrate:>150kbps

Artist artist, by artist:U2

Year year year:1977..1987

Album album album:”greatest hits”

Genre genre genre:rock

Lyrics lyrics lyrics:”happy birthday to you”

Track #, track track:12

Year year year:>1980<1990

Properties for file type: Picture

Property Use Example

Camera make cameramake cameramake:nikon

Camera model cameramodel cameramodel:eclipse

Dimensions dimensions dimensions:8×10

Orientation orientation orientation:landscape

Date taken taken

Width width width:33

Height height height:66

Flash mode flashmode flashmode:no flash

Properties for file type: Recorded TV

Property Use Example

Broadcast date broadcastdate broadcastdate:2005

Channel number channel channel:7

Closed captioning closedcaptioning closedcaptioning:true

Date released datereleased datereleased:2007

Episode name episodename episodename:zeppo

Properties for file type: Video

Property Use Example

Name name

Ext Ext

Download it for Windows Vista and Windows XP

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