Monday, May 24, 2010

FreeWindows 7 Tips & Tricks Guide From Microsoft-Its free Download

We have already covered many interesting and useful Windows 7 related guides in our must read Windows 7 guides and must watch Window 7 videos posts. Here is yet another guide from Microsoft named Windows 7 Tips & Tricks.
Windows 7 Tips & Tricks
As the name suggests, Windows 7 Tips & Tricks covers many interesting Windows 7 tips that improve your productivity by familiarizing yourself with some of the enhancements that are new in Windows 7.

A total of 14 tips are waiting for you in this guide: Change the scenery, Crunch the numbers, Smart printing, Shake it up, Clean your desktop and order it too with keyboard shortcut, new right-click features, unveil your hidden drives, pin folders to start menu, double-up your Windows, clean, crisp display, order and reason for your taskbar, taskbar traversing, bitlocker to go protection, and Windows troubleshooting platform.

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