Symantec Backup Exec: Step By Step guide to download and install Backup Exec 2010

Download Backup Exec
One of the following available method can be used to download the Backup Exec 2010 DVD ISO image :

1. Download from FileConnect website:

a. Go to  -

b. Select the Preferred Language

c. Enter the Serial Number for Backup Exec (the Serial Numbers is usually the 'M' number which can be obtained from the purchase documentations or by contacting the Licensing Department)

d. Click "I Agree" on End User License Agreement

e. Select the Language for Backup Exec for Windows Servers

f. Select the option "HTTP Download" and click on Continue

g. The following files are available to download:
  • Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms_Multilingual_DVD.iso.1of4,
  • Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms_Multilingual_DVD.iso.2of4,
  • Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms_Multilingual_DVD.iso.3of4,
  • Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms_Multilingual_DVD.iso.4of4,
  • Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms _Multilingual.cmd
Once the download is complete, double click on 'Backup_Exec_2010_13.0.2896_ MultiPlatforms _Multilingual.cmd'. This will combine all 4 ISO in to one DVD image. Use a DVD burning tool to burn this ISO on a DVD.

2. Download from the Backup Exec Trialware Website:
b. Click on Download Now
Note: Although it the website says 'free 60-day evaluation', please note that the files downloaded from this website are the same as full version. If the valid license key is not entered during the installation, the product would run in a 60-day evaluation mode. As soon as the license is installed it will come out of evaluation mode.
c. Click "I Agree" on the Terms and conditions page.
d. Login with the SymAccount username and password
e. Fill the Survey Form.
f. Select the preferred download link and Click on the link 'Click here to download your file now'
h. Select a location to save the file and click on 'Save' button.

i. Allow Symantec Download Manager to install and start the download

[ II ] Install Backup Exec 2010

1. Double click on the "Browser. exe" file from the DVD media to launch Backup Exec Installation
The Welcome Screen contains three options :
  • Getting started: This option will provide helpful documentation and links about the product.
  • Pre-Installation: Environment Checker.
  • Install Products: Would provide option to Install Backup Exec or Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server. Choose Backup Exec here

  • This will start the installation wizard which will guide the user through the installation process. Click "Next"
2. Select I Agree to accept the End User License Agreement and click Next to continue with the installation.  
3. Select Local Install
Note: The Remote Install option can be used to Push Install the Backup Exec Media Server or other available agents to any Remote Server in the network.
       The option of Install Remote Administration Console can be used to install the Remote Admin console which is used to connect to other Backup Exec Server's for Remote Administration. (No License is required to be installed for this option"
4. Click Next to continue.

5. Backup Exec Installation will run the Environmental Check. (See Related Documents section)
6. Review the summary and Click Next to continue.
7. Enter a valid Backup Exec 2010 Product License Key and select Add.
Note: The above process needs to be repeated in order to add more Licenses for additional Backup Exec Agents & Options. If no License Numbers are entered, Backup Exec will be installed in a 60-day Evaluation Mode.
8. Review and Add features, Options or Agents to be installed in Backup Exec and click Next

9. Select a Destination Folder to install Backup Exec. By default the location is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec. It can be changed if required by clicking on the ChangeNext to continue. button. Click
10. It is recommended to give the Backup Exec Service Account (BESA) a Domain user account belonging to the Domain Admins and Local Administrators groups. Enter the domain user account to be used for the Backup Exec services.

The following rights are required:
Act as a part of operating system
Backup Files and Directories
Create a token object
Logon as a batch job
Logon as a service
Manage Auditing and Security Log's
Restore Files and Directories
Click Next to continue with the installation of the Backup Exec services

12. Select 'Create a local Backup Exec SQL Express instance to store the database on'Browse to change the target location for the SQL Express installation and click Next. to host the Backup Exec 2010 database on a local SQL Express 2005 instance. Select
Note : To use an existing SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 instance, click 'Use an existing SQL Server 2005 (SP3 or later) or SQL Server 2008 instance on the network to store the database on' and select the instance from the drop down menu. If the instance is unavailable, type 'ServerName\Instance_Name' and click Next

13. The process provides an option to install the latest Symantec device drivers. Select 'Use Symantec device drivers for all tape devices'. and Click Next


14. Review the Backup Exec Installation summary, and click Install to begin the Installation.

Note: The installation process may takes several minutes to complete. During the process, the progress bar may not move for several minutes.

15. Click on "Continue Anyway" on Device drivers installation (if prompted)

16. After the installation is complete, the following options are displayed :
  • Run Live Update to check for any available updates after the System Restart
  • View the readme
  • Create a shortcut to Backup Exec on the Desktop,
  • Restart the computer.

17. Click Finish after selecting the appropriate check boxes
Note: A reboot is required in order to complete Backup Exec 2010 installation. It is recommended to run Live Update and download latest patches after Installation is complete.  

Once the server is rebooted new ICON for Backup Exec 2010 will be seen on the desktop provided the option "Create Desktop Shortcut" was selected during the installation.