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Tech Review – GFI Mail Archiver

             Keeping every incoming and outgoing piece of mail indefinitely can take up a good chunk of storage. If you’re running your main mail system on server class hardware or even a SAN, as we know that business-class storage is costlier. Organizations store files in addition to daily correspondence in their email systems, storage needs for mail systems have drastically increased in the last years. E-mail has grown from communication mode to preferred medium of Information Storage for users. This has resulted in Organizations using Archiving & Journaling features to fulfill compliance requirements of Organization/Company policies like SOX etc, apart from fighting Quota restrictions and PST issue’s
          There are plenty of expensive Mail archiving solutions out there and maybe some of those will meet your needs better than a less expensive solution, but don’t let this dissuade you from implementing a mail archiving solution. GFI Mail Archiver is a simple mail archiving solution for Exchange Server environments. It allows businesses to maintain a centralized archive of all their email communications, with web-based administration and end user access as well as Outlook integration
Before going to my Review Please check the Review by Mr. Azzopardi,(one of the legend in Admin related Stuffs)
According to Mr. Azzopardi, the purpose of Mail Archiver is to reduce risks related to regulatory compliance issues and E-discovery requirements.  In addition, Mr. Azzopardi stated that the software will eliminate the use of local PST files or stub files when archiving email.  It can also improve the performance of your Exchange server by moving old emails to a database.  It is recommended that GFI MailArchiver be installed on a server other than the Exchange server or whatever mail server is being used so that the performance of the mail server is not affected.
MY Review
Installation on my scenario:
You can download a trial of GFI MailArchiver .Click Here  here.
Note: please check prerequisite details.  Here:
Windows Server 2008 R2 server with SQL Server 2008 installed on it.

Once completed the requirements 

After Install
After GFI MailArchiver has installed the web-based administration console opens and the server can be configured.
A wizard appears that steps you through the process of setting up the first archive store.

Using Import and Export tool We can choose to import email message within certain date ranges into different archive stores.

Please find here for manual  and More snapshots from  GFI Mail Archiver
GFI MailArchiver will  provide auditing reports regarding the configuration management, access control, data integrity, handling and leakage prevention and user audit trail etc .,
Please check here for Accessing GFI MailArchiver from Microsoft Outlook

Re-review of GFI Mail Archiver  (As  I observed from my Use )
 * Windows-based software that is geared towards the Exchange mail server.
* All major mail servers are supported as long as the mail server supports mailbox journaling and IMAP (I have tried on Exchange 2007)
* GFI Mail Archiver is installed on a server other than the Exchange server or whatever mail server is being used so that the performance of the mail server is not affected.
* It’s improves the performance by Reduce the load on Exchange Server, increasing efficiency and providing your users with a virtually unlimited mailbox.
* Yes. Its improve the performance of the Exchange server by moving old emails to a database
*It’s very easy to configure and implement Email Retention Policies in GFI Mail Archiver
* Wow. It’s improve the Backup and restore Exchange Server more quickly
* Its supports Easy retrieve of old or deleted emails on demand, with full thread and conversation and Quick and Easy - Restoration of Single Item or entire Mailbox (It’s great. right )
* Search options available for Attachment type, source, destination, time of delivery etc…(cool)

Conclusion :
   I Hope GFI Mail Archiver is a good solution for Exchange server’s that need email archiving and need of reliable records of email communication and in some cases have strict compliance requirements. It helps to exchange admin to make email messages in a centralized, indexed, and easily searchable archive database makes much kind of discovery exercise much easier.
Pricing Details :
For pricing information, please contact the GFI EMEA office or an authorized GFI Partner.
GFI EMEA office Sales and Customer Service
Telephone: +44 (0) 178 444 8776
Fax: +44 (0) 870 770 5377

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