Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cisco Websession-Firewall Reinvention with Context -Aware Security -Dont Miss it

Firewall Reinvention with Context-Aware Security

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9th October, 2012
10:30 a.m - 11:30 a.m IST
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Bring up the topic of security to IT professionals and you are likely to get more than you bargained.  The reality is that we are torn between two extremes.  On one hand, employees want the ease and flexibility of using their device of choice and applications to perform their job most effectively.  On the other hand, many security professionals want to lock down the network and adhere to stringent, albeit needed, security guidelines.

The way to have "both" is by unlocking the power of the network and this is where Cisco SecureX comes in.  New innovations from the unified policy and enforcement components of the SecureX framework enable organizations to embrace "Bring Your Own Device" without relinquishing control.  And, the new Cisco ASA CX next-generation firewall appliance expands the ASA platform with context-aware capabilities for unprecedented visibility and control.

Join the TechWiseTV team for an insider’s look at the ASA CX, explore the latest innovations in security, and dig into the network with a forensics analysis of routers and switches.  Check it out now!
This TechWiseTV session will explore:
• The Value of Context Aware Security.
• Fundamentals of High End Firewalls
• Introducing the ASA CX
• Cisco Prime Security Manager
• Forensic Analysis of Routers and Switches

Bring your questions and your notepad and be prepared to be engaged!

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